Robbert is a Penguin who lives in the Marble World, Robbert's world has one crystal in the  middle of the city wich suddently breaks, now he has to collect all 8 pieces, but everytime he does collect one the planet changes a little more, will he be able to reach all of them and take them back to their place?

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Made, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


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Si es cierto que es super complicado, pero la verdad es que se vuelve un reto, y a pesar de la lluvia de llamas que me saco canas verdes pude llegar al octavo cristal el del rebote, ya ahí se me complico full.

Bonino arte, y que buena implementación de los cambios. 

Gracias por jugarlo, si, el juego es complicado, creo que a veces mas de lo que tendría, el orden d los cambios es bastante más mejorable. Algún día voy a hacer el juego que tenía en mi cabeza con este sistema.

It may be kind of slow for my liking, but i really enjoyed the art and the platforming! The sun was kind of annoying as well lol. Congrats on your game!

The implementation of the theme was well done! Too bad I couldn´t get too far in the game. I like the art style a lot, minimalistic yet appealing. Nice colors selection!

Thank you and yes, it seems like the game gets somewhat frustrating/hard in some areas, I tried to make it as simple as possible but sems like i needed to think about it more deeply.

And yes, if there is something i'm proud are the visuals, i like them a lot.

Thanks for playing and ur review :)))

good game! the way it changes is a pretty good idea!

Thanks a lot for those words! :)))

The music was pretty engaging, so that's cool!

And I think you may have spelled crystal wrong ( Or that's what you wanted to spelled?)

Anyway, it was short and nice!

Thanks for making it!


Lol, yes i misspelled, Sorry, thanks for playing :)